Long and Low (version 2)

When this BO was started I had four unfinished projects, finished the
Truck trike recently, link \/.

Have decided seeing as we have over a month to go will have a go at
another one I had up the back of the shed all dusty and rusty!

She was one of my first custom bikes, have always been a fan of the
canti frames and have a few stashed, wanted a long version which still
held on to her canti past never liked how she looked when first finished.
A while ago I added a second curved tube but never go around to finishing
her off, here and now the opportunity!

Here’s a link to V1 version of this bike from back in 2011.

Plan is for a few changes to what I have already done to this frame.
Bits painted and ready for assembly.

This one went together so nice, like a fine wine I believe I am improving with age! Really wanted a bit of style about her, I think all the curves really help with the look!

Found these fake fork "thingamajigs" a while ago, had them on the shelve just waiting for the right bike, not 100% sure if I like them but will roll with them for now.

Also added the bent shifter early motorcycle style, works well and just misses your knee when peddling.

Now just going to ride the wheels off her, maybe it’s just me but it seems like these longer bikes just roll way better, bit like bigger cars I guess?!
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