(MBBO#05 Class 2) J.C. Draggins..... Finished

Jan 9, 2013
Los Angeles
Turns out it's not just fellow RRB'ers that want to see this done. Its my neighbors too, and most importantly my wife.
She's all about scouring the thrift stores on her day off to find wheelie bar parts.

Fine, I say. Good luck.
Will she find anything? Only time will tell....

I have to admit.

Primer grey is still one of my favorite colors.

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The saga of ol' gravel knee continues...
Ride on danger bro...
Ride on...
Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
Base coat of white is on.

It'll need a little wet sanding and touch up, but there'll be very little white in the final finish.

Also got the seat covered, this ones for you @Chad T

The other day another member asked in the custom trikes thread
If I had a build thread for Artemus.
I ended up going back through that thread and read something I posted, it was something I said to myself when I lost faith in my bike "building" ability.
I think it holds true to this one as well, so I'm saying to myself again.

"You started this thing homie, finish it."

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