Sep 1, 2014
Muscled Basket Case

Well here it is. This has been one of the best experiences I've had. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. This is my first bike I've had since I was a kid and the first I've ever built. Thank you to everyone for the kind words and good luck to all! See y'all in the next build.
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Jul 1, 2014
Las Vegas Area
Well I finally made it, 90 minutes or so to spare.

CLASS 1 Hot Purple Valiant.
Builder: MatalChewy

Been a long road. Started with a motorized fre and broke the dropouts. Then moved components over to a new frame and continued on.

The frame colos shift depending in light, depending on viewing angle It has many layers in the purple smoke/flame

I built a bunch of stuff along the way. Custom fabbed shifter, mirror, chain guard, sissy cover with light, axle polishers amd other odds and ends.

Worked it right up to the end,.last night at midnight I had the seat down drilling a andmd riveting it.... ;-)

It was a fun build, amd I am going to enjoy my New bike, just in time for my birthday. Rides nice!

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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Voting is going to be tough!
Awesome field of bikes this year.
Congrats to all!
Sep 29, 2010
southern newhampshire
Orange Lightning. 1969 9-speed Schwinn Fastback (2014 mbbo class #1) Lambo Orange

Guys this was so much fun!! Thank you all so much for the warm welcome, advice and inspiration.

Was great that this bike mania that has somehow taken hold of me coincided with this event. I told my friend Rob that I had 9 days off and I was looking for parts for my '69 Fastback. He asked me what all I needed and I made him a long list and he said he had everything so I hopped in the car and hightailed it up there...thanks rfeagleye!

He told me about this event when I was up there raiding his stash of parts.

So this build was meant to be fast and comfortable which it is. I am real happy with it. Can't wait to do this again. I hope I can wait until next year to do a Scrambler.

Thank you all for allowing me to share this experience with you!

Glad to be finished it was 18 degrees yesterday morning. Now I get to sit back and enjoy the rest of the excellent builds....;-)
I really like what you've done with this bike when you first look at it you think "nice resto" and then you look closer and it's like wow all hooked up with high tech components looks fast

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Sep 7, 2014
Columbus OH
I really like what you've done with this bike when you first look at it you think "nice resto" and then you look closer and it's like wow all hooked up with high tech components looks fast

Thank you! It's a lot of fun to ride. Bike ended up being more subtle than I thought it would with the 9-speed setup.

I actually sent someone a picture of it and he said he liked it without the fenders and the suspension was a nice upgrade. He thought it was just an original Fastback.
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Power Glide (class 1)

1959 Dai Nippon Bicycle Co. Porta Fold Cycle.

Maybe it was too early in the morning for my camera, the quality wasn't quite right, so I took some more pics today.
The pedals scrubbed the ground on some areas of the highway today, 29 Dec, so I used the other configuration on the dropouts and added the necessary things, mirror and horn, for riding in the crazy traffic here.

Turned out nice Wildcat, I bet that thing could fly! I would love to try it out if I ever visit Subic! :)
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RRB MMBO Class 1

For your consideration is a fully restored 1974 Huffy "The Jackalope". Rather than doing a wild custom I decided to do a straight up restoration on one of the rarest Huffy muscle bikes ever made. These bikes were Huffy's last ditch effort before completely getting out of the muscle bike game, and they threw everything they had in their arsenal at it. These bikes are exceedingly rare and hard to find, so much so that many people don't believe they ever really existed in the first place.

Turned of niiiiiiice! And that fork!!!
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