MoFaux – blast off!

Mar 19, 2011
After completing my first build "Mofo" for RRBO7, I was amazed that I had some extra time left and challenged myself to build another bike…this Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon theme was one I didn’t see coming, thanks Kingfish for the inspiration…check out MOFO> I’m really satisfied with the end results of this “ratrocket” and that I was able to build it with all vintage bike parts.

I took a few pics this morning of MoFaux, unfortunately San Francisco had the usual grey fog hanging over it. If the sun decides to shine on SF I’ll try and take some photos with better light. But I really like the silver hue of the photos.

Oct 21, 2009
Pittsburgh PA
I'm glad you had the extra time , this bike is fabulous :shock: It really has some great design elements 8) I think you got a winner here
Mar 14, 2011
Napa, CA
Don't fear the fog, sunny days often make too much contrast for photography, i think it has worked well for you here as harsh shadows would hide a lot of your detail work. Something i could never see myself building but wow, the rivets, the paint, the clean attachment of all your collected decorations. Unless 10 other bikes blow me away you have earned a vote.