My Hawthorne for the build off!!

Well I have gave this A LOT of thought cause I really didn't want to do anything to my Hawthorne but what the heck. I am going to enter this as my piece to be done in Ol' Skool form and function. Troy
Well just to give everyone an update on my progress. I have got a lot done on my Hawthorne, went to a swap meet on Feb. 3rd and bought some stuff. I bought a new fork, crank, sprocket, and seat. I do not have a digital camera so that SUCKS. I am only going to have the finished paint pics of my parts not the nasty pics like most. Well hopefully I can get one of my friends to take some photos for me this weekend. Thanks Troy
Got A LOT of stuff done on my Hawthorne this week. It's pretty much 80% done have the wheels to do yet (paint, prep and lace).
26. 2.125 WW rear tire

26 1.75 WW front tire

Seat I bought at the Swap meet $15 with some new paint. Left some rust for good luck.

Swap meet truss rod fork $10 from something? New paint pretty rough when I got it.

Swap meet crank, bottom bracket and sprocket $5. Of course new paint.

Now the tank halves beat some dents out, sanded with 80 grit. Primered and painted Rustoleum Gold rush metalic, and Rustoleum gloss white with some Dupli-Color Clear Coat. Made some stincles for the scallops I wanted and taped them off and shot them. I am going to pinstripe in Black 1 Shot around the spallops. It's Glossy So I hope thats not problem.

The frame is done in the same rattle can colors as the tank.
Sep 3, 2006
I agree with Clothespin - the scallops are great!

I've taken the liberty of applying some digital trickery to see how a few colours would look for striping (I hope you don't mind)

Red stripes:

Black stripes:

and some Green stripes:

Awesome guys thanks for the comments!!!! Thanks Multipass for the 3 pics on pinstripe colors now I have some thinking to do on that. The black might be a little bland so I might go with the red or green. I love this website!!!! Troy :D