My Hawthorne for the build off!!

Got the wheels laced and all together with stainless steel spokes (268mm). Painted the rims Rust-o-leum semi gloss black. Had to use a Schwinn front hub cause the stock one was a little old. Cleaned up the Hawthorne hub with 0000 fine steel wool. With tires mounted.


Clothespin "n" said:
so Troy..are the Stripes going to be a surprise..

I love this bike!
Well Kev I have decided to go with Black on the stripes. The red and green would look awesome but I dont have any other colors on my bike and not sure it would look right. Plus i don't want it to be too blingy if you know what I mean. I really had to think long and hard on this too. I am prolly going to stripe it in the next week or so and get a pic up too. Thanks, Troy
Feb 10, 2007

fattroy said:
poorhotrodboy said:
hahahahahahaha PBR in a bottle what, there steping it up...
And it's cheap too. CVS had it on sale 12 pack bottles $4.99. Now thats some poor boy drinks for me and its good to boot. :lol:
thats awsome! thats a great deal! for a cheep beer its really not that bad..
Got my bars painted yesterday. They are the same color as the frame. I put a white stripe on the bars to flow with the rest of the bike. They will get pinstriped in black like the tank.

Painted the stem Semi-gloss black like the rims. Was too rusty to save.
I went with Adam Banton grips and I will cut the flanges off. They have Stratacastors in them to go with my hot rod theme. Rockabilly!!!
Hopefully a finished pic soon. Troy


Dec 4, 2006
My second favorite beer "Tall blonde" makes a great breakfast beer. Great progress on handle bars- the stripes look great.