Prewar Schwinn "Snow Day" FINISHED PICS

Aug 29, 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Looks good. Have you ridden it yet? Hows that crazy cocked angle you've got that seat set at feel? I've seen many guys set their seats that way for photos, but they don't ride em' like that... just curious.


If you turn the seat post facing forward as it was designed, then the seat will assume a level, functional orientation. :)
Oct 5, 2013
What type of rear hub and what type of trouble. I'm amazed at the rebuild guides in the how to section of this forum. I had a hub that wouldn't engage at all. Forwards or backwards. Rebuilt it and now it's as good as new

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It's a new departure model d. It's probably my third one I've rebuilt. This one keeps loosening when I bolt it on. I just need to get another wrench to hold the bearing nuts tight. I just lost all of my patience the other day, I'm sure I'll get it soon enough lol
You might know but:
Make certain that the locknut on the brake arm side is tight.
A cone wrench is needed for the drive side, 15mm works.
Thread the cone down by hand until it stops, back it off a bit, then tighten the cone against the locknut with the cone wrench and other wrench of your choice.
I've found just a bit of play is fine: it's taken up when the axle nuts are tightened.
BIKE IS FINISHED! Got the rear hub trouble fixed up, changed the sprocket yet again and already took her around town! I'll put up some pictures tonight or tomorrow depending on when I take it for another ride. I ditched the rear fender idea also and made a cool keychain for the locking fork key.
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