Price check on aisle Nishiki...

Jul 30, 2013
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There's a lot to like about that package! Unfortunately, assigning value isn't so straightforward, especially in this crazy pandemic climate. Sellers are always at the mercy of their local market and prices are all over the place right now. BBB sets the resale at around $125.00, but honestly, I think it's worth more...just maybe not where you're living.


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Jul 2, 2015
Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
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BBB is completely nonsensical...for the most part it just uses an equation to depreciate the msrp over age of bike. For proof, look at the BBB prices for bikes like Trek Sawyer's or SE Big Rippers or Kona HumuHumu or A'ha. I would mortgage my house to buy container loads at the prices it gives.

Aside from the rant, Rusty is right...local market sets values. Nishiki was a 'good' brand, for the most part, but I don't think they have a lot of following. In my area I would imagine it would have an asking price of $150 or more if it was tuned up and ready to hit the streets.
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Jul 16, 2019
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Not really a collector following in the MTB world, they are a japanese manufacturer who paired often up with north american companies to design the mountain bikes. I have a nishiki designed by Norco from the eighties. The quality is good, they use decent components, I'd agree with the $100-$150 valuation. Better than anything you could find in a store for under $200! And the splatter paint is just icing. Delicious retrobike icing
Sep 2, 2020
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Thanks Rusty, Rusty and Matti, that’s kind of what I figured all in all. It’s a nice bike and I’d like to actually use it. Unfortunately anything where I have to constantly lean forward messes up my lower back...maybe some BMX bars are in order? The paint is such a throwback, I need a hypercolor shirt to go with it!
Jun 13, 2015
US occupied MA
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Minus the more elaborate integrated rear brake noodle, it looks a lot like an early '90's Giant chromoly frame, but the search spider on the internet web tells me Giant made frames only went from 1980-86. Either way, I find those Giants to be great all-rounders and very adaptable, and I imagine this would be the same (I can't do flat bars anymore either, so I have a Nitto Albatross on mine—total change of riding position, but it feels like it was meant for it). I agree with the other value estimates, but that's good or bad depending on what side of the transaction you're on. I have a couple of bikes that are worth some money, but if I could only keep one, I'd keep my USAAF bike (Giant Innova). I even bought a second one to turn into an electric.
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