Rata del Rio Concho: 1955 Huffy father/son project.

Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
They're like baseball gloves, you have to oil them and allow them to fit to you, I love this saddle, it's supple and comfortable... for a while. In x-rays my tailbone looks like a Cheeto. A good leather saddle is great for anyone without my deformity.
Your's will probably get better with time Matt, mink oil helps, just don't take up rock climbing and suck at it, and whatever you do don't break your tailbone, it's unimaginably horrible.
Yeah, ouch. I got my feet knocked out from under me at age 14 and landed on my tailbone on the edge of a tiled swimming pool. That thing hurt for 20 yrs. Then, oddly enough, once I started spending extremely long time frames on a bicycle saddle, it went away. :43:

And, speaking of saddles :nerd:...I'd be interested in the Ideale....send me a convo. :nod:
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
I was surprised how hard the brooks professional saddle I bought is , looks great but just didn't have the comfort I expected. I believe they take some some years & saddle dressing to get worked in .

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G, get the Proofide from Brooks. Rub it in about 3-4 times as often as they recommend. Ride the thing daily, it will help your @_ _ and the saddle break in together. As Mr Link said, you could probably use mink oil as well, a little cheaper.
After the Brooks gets broke in a bit, I would put the comfort up against any saddle I've ever ridden; on or off road. And, they're just so dadgum cool!
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Jul 26, 2011
San Antonio, TX
Field test this weekend!!! I figured I tried road, sidewalk, gravel path so why not give it the full blown klunker test, so I took it out into the desert.

Did a little rustic camping at River Bend at San Angelo State Park. Rode the Lower Ghost Camp, River Bend, Javelina, and Cougar Outlook trails and Had no problems save the slickness and hardness of those Hunt Wilde grips, which is easily remedied.
Oh, and having to stop a few times for the Texas state longhorn herd who graze along the trail.
For this trip I tried out a Retrospec saddle I had ordered and was quite pleased with it. I have another in black on my Electra that I may switch the brown out for and put some Oury grips on to cushion the blows and give me a bit more grip. Aside from that I love this bike.