Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
So to start this is a bike I've wanted to do since obc earlier this year. A friend named Calob makes these tail draggers that are a hoot to ride. I was heavily influenced by him and other European builders who are using more curves in their designs. Yes it's low very low sitting a tick over 1/2 an inch off the ground in the rear and has no need for a kickstand. Tall grass hold her up just dandy. Is it rideable? Heck yes I love this bike it has been on one group ride and will be out at second sat this coming Saturday. The primary goal was I have a bucket of bends from handlebars that wellllll didn't make it. So the entire frame other than the rear is recycled. The head tube is off a 50's girls schwinn and the lower tube coming off the bottom bracket is a part from another schwinn. I'm honored to be apart of this site so I humbly put forth my entry RATLINER. Here is the build thread so you may follow along if you missed it.


RATLINER ( tail lights, more sprockets, titanium and she is done)

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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
I like the shot with the big shadow in the foreground, great colors and effects!

Awesome scratch build. The curved tubing gives a real artistic look to it. :thumbsup:
Jan 2, 2012
Love the 3rd shot with the flowers and sunset.
So you have already won a comp with this one,can't wait to see the results here....
Bend and stretch.


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Jan 15, 2016
Still trying to pick my jaw up from off the ground! An entire college course in design right there. I'd ride the wheels off that with a smile a mile wide.