Re-tired Stripper (Formerly Spit Ply-er) IMAGES ADDED

Jun 18, 2013
Charlotte NC
Hey ; How did i miss the Build on this one ?, Great lookin Bike , Just the right amount of Everything ! Love the Tank , Can you build me one ?

Thanks! Probably just missed it because there are so many bikes in the build off it's impossible to keep up with all of them. I'd love to build you one but I had to go through a friend that could CNC it for me on his weekends. I've had a few people interested in the tank which has me thinking about making a mold... would you still be interested if the tank wasn't wood?

Oh my is this a rocking bike!! Those tires are screaming RIDE ME!!
Thanks! Yeah I bought the wheels and tires before I knew exactly what I was going to do with the bike... I knew whatever I did would have to work with those because they were too cool!!!

Excellent build and you would never know this was the first bike you built.
Thanks! I couldn't have done it without observing all the other builds on this site. I'm really impressed with all the creative solutions to different problems people came up with while building their bikes.
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