Feb 1, 2011
St Pauls NC
Whew I made it! Lots of detail work went into the bike in the last week or two...hopefully it all shows in the pics!

My Ace in the hole.....Ashely!

Close up of the one-of-a-kind cast aluminum tank

Gold leaf, Gold teef


Bling for da ladies

They were Ashely's favorite part!

THIS MACHINE -KILLS- Foreign Dependence

No gas. Beer

Thanks for following my build, it's been a blast! The quality of builds this year have been INSANE....I hope I can hang! Now I just have to figure out who I'M gonna vote for :shock:

Mar 27, 2011
I'll buy a calendar , as long as this bike is in it , love the tank welcome to the finished bike forum , great bike
Mar 28, 2010
You've got my vote! :shock: That's something I would totally build and love to have in my stable. All the lines flow, no tacky junk all over, the drilled seat tube, and the fact that the tire gap fits the fender radius is absolutle perfection! That's not an easy feat let me tell you by experience. O and the fact that you just joined the site back in february and you're a chick? Awesome!!!
May 25, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
Dude, you had me at the cast aluminum tank! Congrats, your build is spectacular! i loved watching you put all of those great details together in this build! You're the reason why next years b.o. will be taken to another level!!! honestly, who casts their own tank? "you got the tools and the talent, it's miller time!" (paraphrased from Ghostbusters).
Jul 25, 2009
Now I just have to figure out who I'M gonna vote for :shock:
Well I know you just made that task easier for a bunch of us. Every year there's a bike that just nails it...this year it's yours. 8)
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Hey Bighit,

Great bike!
Lots of big features and small details. 8)
A good plan well executed.
The cards in the spokes are really fun!!
Pics are done well too.

May 20, 2010
From the cast tank, to all the cool details; this bike has it all. What a mean and beautiful beast.