RRB-BO#9 Prize Pool!


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
Top 20 I believe is as follows:

1: DRAG KING 91 vote(s)
2: Blue Arrow & Minnehaha 55 vote(s)
3: ENIGMA 45 vote(s)
4: AMFer 35 vote(s)
=5: BERKSHIRE 31 vote(s)
=5: CYCO 31 vote(s)
=7: Hombre 23 vote(s)
=7: MotoDromo Special 23 vote(s)
=7: starsNbars 23 vote(s)
11: Tractorliner 22 vote(s)
12: RustMaster 21 vote(s)
13: "1941" Colson 20 vote(s)
14: Pontiac 16 vote(s)
15: WHEATPENNY 15 vote(s)
16: Two Way Tandem 14 vote(s)
=17: Re-tired Stripper 13 vote(s)
=17: The 8-Ball Tracker Slacker 13 vote(s)
19: Bull Honky 12 vote(s)
=20: Pancho Villa 11 vote(s)
=20: Sin Nombre 11 vote(s)

I just convo'd TWO winners for my choice of "best bars"

RaggedJim with AMFer (I really liked how he tied the bars in)
Tommy Atoms with Banana Peeler. They look great to me.

congrats guys.

Roger your Ball End Grips will be mailed tomorrow. And Tommy, soon as I get a reply from you, yours will be on the way too.
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The Renaissance Man

__CERTIFIED DIVER__ (Open Water & Open Dumpster)
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Nov 24, 2012
The Tropics of Alabama
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The winner is;

The Renaissance Man - Drag King.
Pm me with your address...
This is such a cool prize! I thought for a while that you were going to get to keep this for yourself!

The best part is knowing that the builder of Blue Arrow & Minnehaha made this also! I'll proudly display this in my home. Thank you, and please sign it for me! :dance2:
May 10, 2014
Since there was a tie for 20th and I can't decide which one I like better I think I'll let the number of wheels decide.Like Carl said,should go to something three wheel.Congratulations Sin Nombre.PM me for your Rusty Duck
So glad I made the top 20 and now I get this duck to boot. That's just awesome!
Nov 22, 2011
I looked through the builds for the BEST NOISEMAKING DEVICE and I am going to award that to @MazdaFlyer 's iAM Higgins with it's fresh out of the box AM Bike Radio. This brought back memories of listening to Jerry Rogers on WSGA 1400 on a similar radio on my Sear's Screamer 2 back in the 70s. Congrats @MazdaFlyer !!!
Received the bell last week from KF and after being gone road tripping, I got it mounted today.
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The Renaissance Man

__CERTIFIED DIVER__ (Open Water & Open Dumpster)
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Nov 24, 2012
The Tropics of Alabama
Thank you to everyone that offered prizes! Not only for the ones that I was lucky enough to receive, but all of the prizes. It's been said many times that the real prize is the bike that we have when it's done, and even though it's true, receiving an acknowledgement of any kind for your effort is always fun and rewarding. It's also a very good feeling to give prizes!

I hope that more people will participate in the prize pool in the future.

Thanks again to everyone that voted for Drag King!
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