RRBBO Black Saab Rat

That Chain / Crank / Ring combo is schweeeet!!!
I love the Brushed silver look it has.

This bike is quickly growing to be one of my Favourites!

I do like that the Saab logo is not going to be used.
all be it a cool Logo...I think the bike is starting to take on it's own

and the bike doesn't remind me of the "Saab Fighter Jet"..or "The car".
I love the Silver accents.

can't wait to see more,

Mar 3, 2007
LOL! I'm sorry, Rickster, good one, if you don't ask...
It's too far away, haha!
Thanks a bunch, guys! I'm starting to like this bike more and more myself : )
Just what I was thinking about the logo, Kev.

And although it looks awesome in it's nakedness, I think I have to put on some fenders (probably chome if I don't find a donor-bike soon) and a chainguard, cause it's always raining here. (Last few days are nice though)
I got the cheapest pedals and grips, and I only noticed yesterday that they match!
Mar 13, 2007
sweet job easy,the headlight really does it!
I used double-sided adhesive to put a logo on my bike,
maybe you can put the saab-logo on with that for a try..easy-remove..
but i think what this bike really deserves is easy-logos,
with flames of course.
If you print one of them mirorred,except the letters,you can have
both stickers/flames pointing the same direction.
I,ll be glad to take it to the printer for you,
have em ready on saturday.
Sick bike man!
Mar 3, 2007
I just got the Thrasher-logo stickers in the mail this morning, I'm pretty sure they will be on my bike ; ) But thanks for offering, Karl!

Picked up the alloy seatpost yesterday, polished it (Brasso metal polish) and it looks (almost) like chrome. I'll polish some more tomorrow to get it totally smooth.
Took the bike for a testride yesterday (just getting dark) and it handles awesome! Really really cool! :D Can't wait to have a day off again (and no rain) and do some more tinkering!
At the moment I'm also painting my oldest sons Raleigh Chopper...
Mar 3, 2007
Did an update yesterday, but forgot to press 'Submit', I guess :?
Let's see if I remember: Did some extensive test-driving and the bike rides awesome. In shop-windows I saw my headlight, looks like a motorcycle coming, haha.
Still had an old Raleigh Chopper bikestand at a friends studio, we welded it to the frame, wrecked the paint-job (again), but the bike stands on it's own now!
The seat's a bit high for looks, but I want to ride this thing on a daily basis, so it's got to be fast! Gnarrrrrr!

Oh yeah, I first put the bananaseat on, ofcourse. Drilled through the sissybar to gain hight.
Jan 13, 2007
northern calif
Easy your bike really takes me back to the seventies and my early years building bmx bikes from muscle bikes ! What a mean and solid look you've got with this one....I like it !!!

Mar 3, 2007
Thanks for the comments, guys! Nice to get feedback from people who make really cool bikes themselves!

I'm happy with the fork, the suspension works really well, it moves in and out, about 2".
I was in a town all the way to the south yesterday, where I know a moped shop. This guy had a beautiful red used moped-fork for sale. Luckily I didn't have enough cash on me, otherwise I'd be stuck with another project! :D
Mar 3, 2007
I bought whitewalls and fenders! I couldn't find a donor-bike for the fenders, and with not much time left I thought I'd go for new ones. Had to decide in the shop if I'd take chrome or black. Then I thought: I can make chrome black, but the other way around is much harder. So chrome it is.
First time I was at this shop. Very nice. http://www.cruisecontrolbikes.nl/nl/index.php
Still, no time to put the new stuff on my bike, grrr!
Mar 3, 2007
This afternoon I put the whitewalls and the fenders on the bike.
All went quite smooth, forgot to put some rings back, took the frontwheel out again, etc. ; ) My oldest son took pictures of me.
Hope to finish the bike tomorrow.