RRBBO - The Reynoso

Thanks Hooch!

Well, I'm still not sure if I'll use any color on the frame. MAYBE I'll do somthing similar to that Hooch... I'll finish the bike and than I'll see what to do.

Meanwhile, here's what I did for the crank.

I'll paint the "disc" in mate black, just like the chain guard
The Chainring looks great!

not to sound all"Smart and stuff"
but I would make sure you wash "neutralise"
the new Disc for the Chainring before you paint it
..if your are going too..

The Disc is made of galvanized Metal as I see in the Picture and
it is important that you prep it properly.

Galvanized Metal is a funny thing...
a sand / wash with a Aromatic solvent / and prime it with an Acrylic Primer.

"Galva-Prime" is good...or search out a Spray Bomb that is compatable
with galvanized Metal..

The best method for Galvanized metal is TIME.
buy that I mean..let it age for a while and then paint it..but we don't have that time.
Just a heads up on the Galvanised Primer...

.....and be VERY carefuil if your cutting/welding or even drilling it.
The Vapours from the Metal are very dangerous and they can make you badly sick!
I don't want to see a fellow Bike Builder get all messed up on
poisonious Vapours!

The Bike is looking GREAT!
nice work!

And here's a full pic of the bike

New tires (I found some Kenda Flame, I can't believe it), wide rims and a Nexus hub.

I know I'm braking the rules, but I plan to use this bike everyday and I'm very used to the gears (I had a mountain bike for too long! :mrgreen: )
Thanks Clothespin, I didn't know galvanized metal was hard to work with. I just found that piece of metal at work and I took it home.

I'll paint it, I don't know if it's gona last, but I'll try.
Hi Skywalker, yeah, I've noticed that too. Both frames look very similar, but I don't think yours is "Made in Argentina" :lol: By the way, looking for parts I've visited many bike stores and I've seen a lot of these frames, so this company is still active.

Last night, almost at midnight I finished to adjust the Nexus hub and shifter, and of course, I HAD to go for a little ride :mrgreen: I'm really surprised, it's a great bike!
Mar 3, 2007
Both frames look very similar, but I don't think yours is "Made in Argentina"
No, I'd be very surprised if my bike was made in Argentina ; ) If I had to guess I'd say my bike comes from China. Since early 90's a lot of cheap cruisers came to Dutch bike stores. It's only since a few years that you can get the (american) quality stuff overhere.

Cool that you had a nice ride!