RRBBO - Walmart mountain bike

Sep 27, 2006
San Jose

Thanks for all the comments guys, I was just kicking myself for not getting more done on this project.

I do plan on painting the bike, hope you like it.

I am thinking about the bloodshot eyeball to fill the bb shell, it gives a neat
60's hot rod vibe.

I have a couple of other things planned, I hope they will be a good suprise!

Feb 16, 2007
Sandy, Utah.
RatRodDad said:
I don't know what you plan to do with the hole where your original crank used to be, but a couple of ideas would be to (1) use some of those large auto wheel type washers on each side with a bolt through them to hold them on, or (2) put some type of round reflector on each side - a little extra safety plus filler for the hole.
Two words: Stash. Box.
Sep 27, 2006
San Jose
Finally an update!

Finally an update!
I finally found the time to grind off the bits that I didn't need, cable hangers, front brakes etceteras, take off the stickers and start paint!

While I love to cut, grind and bolt stuff together, finishing has always frustrated me.

So here it is in all of it's orange peeled, run and sags glory!

At least my daughter likes her new ride.

What a Cutie..I remember those days..

It is hard to tell by the picture..but the Crank/pedals/headset
look like you painted them in a Silver...then it looks Black at another angle.

The Orange..well, I like Orange on a Rod or Bike......is GREAT!

Haha i remember riding my bigwheel when i was that age. I had this red and black 1 with a rubber front tire i had alot better traction than the kids with the plastic wheeled 1's i could get goin fast and fish tail cuz i had the plastic back wheels lol.
Sep 27, 2006
San Jose
Well I had some time to throw parts together, dinging new paint and getting grease fingerprints all over.

I can't wait to get it filthy and scratched up!


Dec 4, 2006
Lookin good. The bottom bracket in black with black cranks make it look like a complete unit and very cool.
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