Salt Flats Sears

May 27, 2008
Green Bay, Wisconsin
I'm not sure if this is the final incarnation of this bike, but since the riding season is on the backside it will do for now. It's a bit strange to be able to ride right along with new road bikes with no problem. The final weigh in has it at 17.5 lbs and I think that I can still shave off a bit of weight when I tear it down this winter.
Originally I had this set up as a fixie, but with the cruiser geometry it was a killer on my legs to ride. It now sports a freewheel and a brake. Cheers

Aug 1, 2008
Nice. :D Simple and well executed. I'm building off a similar idea, and I love the name you've given it. I've been toying with the idea of aero wheels, and if you want to call it a salt flat racer, maybe a set of silver aero covers are in need? :mrgreen: