SIL's Birthday Bike

May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN

I promised I'd enter my Sister In Law's (SIL's) bike that I built for her for BOTEN. She has been enjoying it in Oregon and riding with her grandson J (JerimiahIsRad) and his FlatBlack&White Goodyear Hiway Patrol bike. I was told that J got a "Cool Bike" comment from someone when they were riding together :happy::happy: Glad they are having fun cruising together!

Here is my entry of SIL's Mid-sixties, Tri-color, Western Flyer Galaxy Flyer "Que Sera Sera" that my Wife help "girly up" for her Sister's Birthday (thanks Honey!). I didn't have much time for fancy pics before the had to leave for Oregon again so this is the about the best one I have.

Thought I'd jog some memories with J's Higway Patrol bike that he is riding quite a bit lately (around the neighborhood and to school)
He's quite a bit taller now since I took this pic a couple of years ago...

Lots of very cool bikes and fantastic photography in this year's photo contest. Nice Job Guys!!!

Thanks for looking