Stretch-liner V3

Nov 20, 2012
Here is a quick run down of what was done:

1965 Sears Spaceliner frame, cut off at the rear drop outs.
Seat tube removed.
New seat tube rolled from new tubing and welded into new location.
Frame braces/fender mounts removed
Chain stays heated and bent down about 15 degrees.
Seat stays and chain stays spread to accommodate wide hub/tire/wheel
Chain/Seat stays removed from scrapped Murray Mark 3 girls frame and welded to Spaceliner frame.
Mid tubes removed from head tube and raked/spread and then rewelded.
Seat stay and Chain stay cross braces welded in
Rear axle style kick stand welded to chain stays as bolt on would not support the weight
Rolled a 13/16 seat post to work with new seat tube shape, Refurbished Troxel installed
Rims from Dolomite 26x4: added Shimano 7 spd free wheel, NOS Schwinn pie plate, 160mm rotors
Tektro disc set up, universal rear disc mount.
Widened/disc converted canti springer
26x3 Beach Bums stretched to fit
Shifter: Old Schwinn friction shift rear der, Craftsman ratchet drilled out and bushing pressed. Mounted to wheel chair clamp.
Nearly new Delta light and battery box. Converted to 12v sealed beam/gel cell
Front rack: Chopped from my old Vespa rear rack. Holes tapped, brackets/bushings fabbed
Paint is matte clear/Gloss black
Probably forgetting some stuff...

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