The Graverobber

One of my fav for the moment. Rat's must be brutal sometimes. I guess you have a problem with the chain, I hope you will fix it soon.
Thank you, and good eye! I'm glad somebody addressed that (kind of like an Easter egg)! It actually does not rub when you pedal, the top section pulls tighter and the bottom section just barely clears the tube. It had me worried, and does not fit on my stand, so I had to hang it up from the ceiling so I could see it better. I did have to grind away a bit of the kickstand mount for clearance though.
Wow! This one wasn't even on my radar, but it came out great.
Thank you!
It's probably because I started it July 20th, i asked Rat Rod to move it to the BONINE section after I figured I would finish it in time.
It is exactly how I imagined it, no shortcuts, no compromises, just some very late nights after work and things working in my favor for a change.
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Mar 19, 2011
This bike has such raw true it takes on the persona of the little girl avatar. It's an amazing job to have pulled off in a short time frame.
Very cool ideas on the frame and to me, the chain guard makes it!
Thanks! I totally agree with you. I think there were some concerns with it expressed during the build, but I wanted to use it and keep as much of the original bike as possible. It looked best to me in the original position in relation to the bb. I loke that it is SO close to the front tire...keeps it looking compact even though it is actually stretched out quite a bit.