Not sure if the Car and Bike photo combined is ok for certainly going to use this one on my calendars I do every year. My dream car mixed with it's twin Bike. Bike is a Diamond back cruiser. Car is a 1974 AMC GREMLIN. Photo was manipulated in Photomatrix HDR for the darker effect.

hardcore73 said:
That's a beaut' I had a friend who had a gremlin growing up. He was a little crazy, he trashed the car in a fit of rage :(

Whaaaat??? Trash a Gremlin?? Man those are hard to come by these day's..I guess no one likes them thats probably why they are hard to get..ha ha
kingfish254 said:
You need to get a headbadge made from that little gremlin man.
There are small emblems on EBAY with the Gremlins on it. I may try to get some of those and see if it fits. I should be done with my sons bike soon..his is indentical to mine now. At least someone looks up to me..ha ha