Thompson Classic black ball end grips production snag

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Hi everybody,
For those seeking black ball end grips, I'm currently out of inventory because my injection molder decided without warning to stop molding for me. Apparently he's taking his business in a new direction, and that leaves no tolerance for small short run jobs like mine (thanks!). Anywho.... I've taken my mold back, and I'm currently searching fast and furious for a new injection mold shop that will accept my orders. Wish me luck. I hope this isn't the end of Thompson Classic ball end grips. I'll keep you posted.
Meanwhile, all other colors are still in stock.
P.S. if you know of a shop that might accept my mold (it needs a 30 ton vertical press and an 8x10 frame. The mandrel is manually released) in the CT, MA, RI area, let me know.

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Aug 9, 2012
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P.S. if you know of a shop that might accept my mold (it needs a 30 ton vertical press and an 8x10 frame. The mandrel is manually released) in the CT, MA, RI area, let me know.
So I'm assuming by your description you don't have a split mold that could be mounted traditionally?

If you wanted to share some more detail, I'd be happy to go through my supplier profiles tomorrow and see if I can't help. Most will need a drawing of the part, but I assume you have one if you had the mold made

Pm me if you'd like!
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I have drawings of part. No drawing of mold. You are correct, it won’t run on a horizontal.

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I had a nice conversation today with an injection molding company in North Adams, MA, which is only 2-1/2 hours away. My best riding buddy lives one town over, so the drive is no biggy. HOPEFULLY I'll have black ball end grips in stock again soon. And I'm going to be making them in motorcycle sets too (1" ID right grip, 7/8" ID left grip).

Black Coke Bottle grips will be in stock again too. One month approx.

thanks all.
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
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Great news, Ian! I'll be needing a pair of the Black Coke Bottle grips for my RRB BO #16 build. Yes, I'm already planning it... :bigsmile:
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AT LAST - Black Coke Bottle Grips are in stock. Holy Covid production chain snags Batman! $17 shipped. Message me here or search eBay seller ijt64.

As for Ball End grips, we'll be testing the modifications to the injection mold next week, so I should have black ball ends in stock very soon. Maybe I'll be able to come home with a few pairs from that test run.

Thank you everyone.
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Mold trials went well today. I'm back in business. They molded a few pairs for me to take home. If you'd like a set for $18 shipped, message me here, or search eBay seller ijt64.

Below are pictures of three imperfect sets as a result of setting up the shot size, time etc. They are good for flippers or rats. I'll mail them for $11.

SOLD the first set looks normal on the outside. one grip has a little blem on the inside (extra material) that might make it a little tough to install. I am fully confident it will be useable. The extra material can be shaved, or just hammer it on. SOLD
extra material inside.jpeg

extra material inside 2.jpeg

next up is a set with a buggered end hole.

buggered end holes 2.jpeg

buggered end holes.jpeg

lastly a set with flattened ends:

flat ends 2.jpeg

again, for rats, or flippers, these grips would be fine. I'd even run them on a keeper. Just don't want them to go in the bin.

Thanks everyone.



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