Trucktrike WBO 2017 (Done)

Happy New Year to all from one of the first places in Oz to greet
the New Year. I really like the idea of finishing off a previous build,
like many it seems over in the discussion thread. I have four
unfinished at present so thanks for the extra motivation to get
one of them done!

Started this one in BO 11 can't find the build thread but I did pull out
so here is how close I got back then. Going for a hot rod influenced
trucktrike with a hint of unfinished to her, more on that later! Thanks
to those behind the scenes who get all this happening!

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Jul 13, 2009
Hollister, CA
I have noticed a lot of COE trucks being ratted out while hauling rat rod cars in the industry lately. I have been thinking about doing the same with an old trike. Im hoping yours turns out something like that, Im trying to find an old rusty one myself
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Managed to get some paint down going for the “Suede look” I remember reading about this look this some time back. Also in keeping with the theme of this build off she will be finished as in ridable but remain unfinished, no top coat.

Found this write up on the Suede look.
Any low sheen or matte automotive exterior finish, typically a primer. Historically, flat auto finishes were representative of nothing more than incomplete paint jobs, with primer undercoatings being a matter of function rather than styling. Over time, an appreciation developed for the “tough ,” “all business” look of primed Hot Rods and Street Machines.

Now just got to wait for a cooler day to make a start on putting here together. I know you guys in the Northern part of the planet are in the grips of your cold winters. Been sweltering hot here, this morning I burnt the soles of my feet walking across the beach for a swim. Not where I live but some parts of the wide brown land are having a plus 40 degree day today, thats over 100 where some of you live. Why not that hot here hasn't rained for two months and our tanks are low, we need rain!

Just watched the news, 116 degrees in western New South Wales today, sizzling!
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So big couple of days getting this thing to riding stage, both the bike gremlins and Murphy’s Law sure got hold of me putting her together!?

I must have slightly miss-aligned something when I welded the rear section as the rear axle just didn’t want to line up, bit of a belt with the hammer sorted that!

I wanted to run the brake and gear cable inside the frame, have done this before and it can be tricky. The short run of the gear cable should have been easy end up being a curse. The long run of the rear brake I thought was going to be tricky end up going in like a charm!

Finally the rear de-railleur, just sorted the chain length put on some tension and the whole thing just fell apart! To top all this off been working in the stifling heat, got there in the end, I have a ridable trike next get the truck bit sorted!