USA bike tour on a budget

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I ran into a guy bicycle touring Friday. He started in Louisiana and was heading to western Colorado. He just completed a tour of the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan and was going west towards Duluth. He was visiting all the sights on the way. Its cold at night now, in the 40s F. He had an old Trek mountain bike with a heavy duty fork. Over 100 pounds of gear including a donation cup. His only problem was that he has so much weight in the front that the bars turn and the bike doesn’t always turn. He stoped by the LBS to bum a free tube that was punctured and was destined for the trash. He said he could patch it up just fine. No pannier, Just milk crates and, well, check out his pack job.
Jun 27, 2017
Willow Spring, NC
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I would spill all the stuff just trying to mount that bike.

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