Feb 2, 2013
New Castle, Delaware
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Came across a really fantastic bicycle book- "Early Cycle Lighting; 1868-1948" by Peter W. Card. It takes you from oil/paraffin/kerosene lamps, candle lamps, carbide lamps, to electric bike lights. It has an amazing selection of photos of bikes and lights. I bought the book on the UK Ebay but have found out that it is also available on AMAZON. Be warned: this is a very expensive book (out of print). I only justified buying it as a birthday present for my 71st birthday. But it is worth every penny (make that dollar).
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Apr 28, 2019
Warsaw PL
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Who wants to build me some wheels? View attachment 105559 1905 European military bike:
Seen this tagged as 1920, 1930, 1910 etc.

It's exactly a roughly 1944-1945 german Truppenfahrad military bike from the "last ditch" period. The "spring tires" (actually those are seat springs just cut in half) were used since the Nazis were already loosing the war and after a lot of bombardment and sabotage the supply roots where failing, so companies had to drop the quality drastically to keep up production, and find ways to make up for every material shortages. There even were rifles produced in the last months of war made so badly, that they would jam or fall apart after their first shot - they were only made to be hand out to a soldier, so he could just ran to the nearest Allied patrol and surrender.
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