Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
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Re: early bicycle photos

Here are a couple of pics of a famous board track racer.

This was Bobby Walthour. He was from Atlanta and was one of the top boardtrack and distance racers in the early 1900's. It was written that he trained for races by riding a fixed gear bike down hill. His brother Palmer, founded the Walthour and Hood Company in Atlanta in 1907. Walthour and Hood distributed bicycles and parts among other things until the late 1980's. They distributed their own brand of bikes under the name of Walco for years.

Here is Bobby riding a big gear bike behind an early motorcycle. That thing sure ain't no Honda 50. This is probably a different shot of a pic posted earlier in this thread. Thanks!!!


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Re: early bicycle photos

That looks more like a tractor,I couldnt even begin to guess the brand.Kinda looks home made.
Apr 8, 2007
Encinitas, SoCal
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Re: early bicycle photos

Came across a bunch of photos on a San Diego historical site awhile ago, took me awhile to find them again, mostly Excelsiors and such but some nice ones. I'll post a few but there's abunch of others at this link

San Diego motorcycle patrolman Freshour on Excelsior, circa 1915

Roy O'Hare on Excelsior Sweetwater track 7/21/1912

Urquhart posing in studio on Indian motorcycle

Cleveland motorcycles and Emblem Bicycles on display at Balboa Park show, 1920
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