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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
The name for my build goes all the way back to the end of Build Off 7. A fellow RRBer was joking with me and compared Flexy to the Christmas Tree at Rockerfeller Plaza. I joked back and said that I would build a rockabilly bike the next year and call it Rocka-Fella. It took a while but it finally happened. The name just felt right for the 50s vibe of Rockafella.
MY QUOTE from the end of BO7 -
"Look out for my Rocka-Fella 8 build next year!!! :wink: :wink: Peace on Earth! Good will to Ratters!"​
Nov 18, 2007
Picking a name for a build was always my favorite part of the process. This one was easy. Trottinette is french for scooter, so shortened would be "trot". Something ratty could be rotted, so "rot"..Trot Rot. I was going to call it Trot Rat. But Trot Rot just rolls out of your mouth easier. I like saying it too. Trot Rot....Trot Rot...Trot Rot (sounds kinda dirty for some reason). "Hey! Did you stop at the store?" "Don't tell me what to do, you little Trot Rot!"..or.." I went to the doctor today".."What did he say?"..."He told me I have Trot Rot!"

I think they have a salve for that now......

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Back of Trot Rot salve label

WARNING: Always replace cap on tube. Failure to do so may cause salve rot. Not to be used internally or externally. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, hair, teeth and fingernails. Not for children under two weeks old. In case of accidental overdose, call poison control center immediately. If line is busy SCOOT over to the nearest ER or county coroner.
To avoid further Trot Rot, be sure Trot is always stored inside, in a well ventilated area.
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