Where to post, mountain bikes, fat bikes or builds?

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    Sep 17, 2013
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    It's finished. $1300.00. I have more into it as I bought an extra set of tires, a gooseneck that was too long, an extra bash guard and three seats before I found a comfortable one. The bike weighs 20 pounds. I took it on a moderately rough seven mile single track ride and it is unbelievable. It accelerates like crazy, is very responsive in tight stuff, you have to do very little shifting because of the weight and I was able to climb a long steep hill that I never cleared before. Only three of us in our group cleared it. The wide tires kept me from slipping on the hill and one orher who climbed it rode a fat bike. All the second and third parts buying was worth it as the bike is a perfect fit. I have never ridden carbon before so I thought I might not like it as I like the flex feel of steel frames. Carbon is now my favorite.
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    Glad it works for you! I'm sure you enjoy being back in the saddle.
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