Winter Build off, The (.....) Baron

Made it , made it, made it, yahoo! Sweated on the deadline for a bit but got there in the end,
spent an hour just getting that front fender so it wouldn't scrape!

Here she is The (Black) Baron, sort of going for the black Knight come world war one fighter
of the streets, black and silver, low and mean lookin!

Maiden ride today, beautiful day, we have had a hot and dry summer out in the Tasman Sea.

Now the devil is in the detail, if you look back in this thread to the mock pic's I originally had the
gear and rear brake cable running through clips under the top tube. Really liked that curve and
to be honest the who bike was built around it, so rather than ruin it with the cables hanging
underneath ran them through the top tube, now I have a nice uncluttered top tube and that
curve she is oh so nice!

Had this old rear reflector just waiting for a bike like this, and covered the front brake cables
with scrap outer cable to tidy them up .

Masked up some sections of the chain guard to break up the chrome.

Stand from a rear axle stand modified to lay it out, bit of a brass bed trim painted silver to
fill the right angle at the bottom of the seat post.

Welded some extensions on some cruiser bars and used some old light fitting ends for the tips.

Plastic garden light for headlight with a cheapy torch in it.

She rides nice, twichy steering at low speeds with the rake of the forks but they are all like that.
Seven speed twist shifter is nice and a smaller sprocket up front helps with the laid out riding
position, pretty happy with her now just want to get some miles on her, ride em don't hide em!
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