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**** FORUM RULES ****

1. Watch your language...we're running a clean site here. Skip the creative spelling of bad language..i.e. using dashes, dollar signs, etc to try to get around the forum's word censor. If it is seen, it will be deleted from your post and you will be warned.

2. Keep the flames on the bikes and out of the forums. In other words, let's keep it light and try not to start arguments...this is supposed to be fun, it's about bicycles.

3. Please flag any post that you feel needs attention instead of policing them yourselves. The moderators will be alerted and will handle the situations accordingly.

4. Posting of adult oriented/disturbing photos, videos or avatars is prohibited and will get you the boot. No posting of pin-up girl photos, no matter how benign, just stick to bikes.

5. No posting of violent or drug/alcohol related (beer theme bikes okay) images will be tolerated.

6. No posting of racial or discriminatory imagery or comments will be tolerated.

7. Please refrain from posting links in the forum that lead people to other websites/forums containing inappropriate material (i.e. language, photos, etc.)

8. Abusive comments or threats towards forum members or the site management will not be tolerated and will get you will be banned immediately without warning. If a member is seen to be a "troll" or someone here intentionally to start trouble, you will be treated the same as a spammer and your account will be banned.

9. No discussing the definition of the term "rat rod" or whether bikes meet "rat rod" criteria...trust us on this one...it goes nowhere.

10. Refrain from discussing political & religious issues...these are usually too close to heart and get heated fast.

11. Businesses should contact the site Administrator before posting products of any kind for sale on the site...we have advertising programs available.

12. The Classified section has it's own set of rules. Please read those before conducting any business there.

Violate any of the rules above and you will receive one warning (except in the case of rule #8). Continue to break the rules above and you will be banned from the site permanently.

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