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    Schwinn seat post is too small???

    Dear Mr. Stuff: Hard to respond more specifically without some numbers. But here is a photo of a recent fix adapting a newer seat (7/8" clamp) to an older seat post (5/8"). Intervening piece is a shim made of 1/16" aluminum. Have fun!
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    step through frames

    Uncle Wvoldguy: That is crazy talk. Do we have to do an intervention? You may be able to work with a 19" frame. The seat tube length is only one part of the geometry and shorter frames can be adapted by use of longer seat posts, layback seat posts, and various stem and handlebar combinations to...
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    21 speed Penny Farthing

    Ouch! You took a header! Cool design and construction except for one obvious flaw. This is why the "safety bicycle" was developed. Ride on!
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    "Rocket science" does not exist. If you're planning, designing, constructing, and/or flying rockets, it ain't science, it's aerospace engineering. Science explores the physical and natural world. Engineering applies scientific knowledge to design, build, and maintain products or processes to...
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    KCI's Recent Acquisitions

    Mystery solved. A third friend had left the bike, then contacted me to ask if it was worth fixing up to use at his condo at the shore (here in Jersey, it's the shore). Turns out it was. The parts department yielded a seat post of the proper diameter, a saddle, a pair of 26 X 2.125 whitewalls...
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    HOOLIGAN "New Shoes" And A Fresh New LOOK

    The whole rig is very cool, including the fender. Functionally, I think the fender will prove useful. Otherwise, that big ol' rear tire might be wearin' holes in certain areas of your jeans.
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    End of an error

    Grasshopper, listen to the lessons that life may teach you. Also know that you will be going up hill more often than down hill.
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    End of an error

    Carpal tunnel syndrome? No, doctor, I haven't been typing a lot, but I have been riding my bike with moon bars.
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    KCI's Recent Acquisitions

    I was in the backyard talking to my wife while she worked in the vegetable garden. I like to encourage her efforts when I can. I then walked around the front of the house and found this Huffy Stalker in the driveway. I could think of two friends who were capable of such a thing. I called one...
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    Ooh, it makes me wonder!

    And a photo of James Patrick Page OBE out for a ride. You can call him "Sir Jimmy."
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    Ooh, it makes me wonder!

    We rented from a competitor of Cooks: Young's Bicycle Shop on Broad Street. Google maps, especially street view, is a wonderful thing.
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    Ooh, it makes me wonder!

    When my wife and I visited the island in 2012, I think we rented bikes there.
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    Ooh, it makes me wonder!

    Apologies to Led Zeppelin. I was cleaning off my workbench yesterday, which needed it badly. And I found this sardine can with a lonely ball. Now I'm trying to remember which bottom bracket might be short a ball. Or not. We live in a world of worry.
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    24 inch Spaceliner-ish Spyder-ish something-or-other

    Wait a minute. Dual rear brakes each controlled by a separate lever? No front brake? But, but... a front brake is much more effective than a rear brake, which locks up the rear wheel in an emergency stop. And a single rim brake is more than capable of locking up a rear wheel. Well, certainly a...
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    16" Monocoque Frame

    Check out this curb find. Does it give anybody an idea for frame fabrication? I'm knee deep in 16" bikes so this will probably end up at the thrift shop. But I couldn't leave it for the garbage truck. I found it while heading for home on a little morning ride, so I rode the last couple of...