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    Anyone know what this bike is or was?

    Thanks. I think he sold it. It is not listed any longer.
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    Anyone know what this bike is or was?

    If I get anything i have to drive for it. Slim pick'ns around these parts.
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    Anyone know what this bike is or was?

    It's not even a parts bike. It's been listed for while.
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    Anyone know what this bike is or was?

    That's what I was thinking. The BB gave me that idea. I think the wheels are wrong to the bike. It's for sale about a hundred miles from me with a '60s Murray girls bike in about the same shape.
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    Pedicab Anyone??

    Put a Harbor Freight 212 predator on it with some good hyd. discs.
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    '15 Kona Humu....

    I had a Kona Blast MB a couple of years ago.I liked was well made.I agree on the if it was a 26.I think it is a little steep myself.
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    New Walmart Fat Tire Bike coming in a couple weeks

    All of the bearings need grease.The steering on my Dolo was tight also.It was the rubber seal on the lower bearing.It had been crushed between the bearing and crown race.You have to take it for what it is.I like to tinker so I like mine.
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    Here's How Us Old Guys Do It!!!

    Nice pair.That looks like a 48-50 Chevy from the looks of door handles.Could be a Jimmy.Is it on an S-10 frame?
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    1960 Schwinn Corvette Rebuild

    Nice! Attention to detail is what makes a great build.You have that.
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    Did I Build A Dangerous Wheel?

    Nice bike.Do a few tight figure 8s with it to test it.I think it will be ok for cruising along.The color with the black rims and wwws looks good.
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    Before / After of a Brazilian Bike

    I think Caloi was sold in the states.There was a 10 speed road bike for sale on CL last week about a hundred miles from me.I have never seen one around here.
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    Self-Centering headset? Why?

    Common on well worn off-road motorcycles.
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    Dyno Roadster sprocket size

    Yep!A 44T on my '97 Roadster.