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    3G BIKES....

    front fork looks familiar
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    new pics

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    new pics

    getting closer!!
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    RRBBO - Katrina

    funny you said that. i just took it off. im still using that colour combo, just not on the tires. i used a regualr paint marker. about 5 coats. it came out pretty well, and freaking hard to get off. i have it mostly together now, ill get some shots outside in the morning.
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    new pics

    in the rrbbo section? :P:P here you go then. btw. its not finished. i still have a few days on it.
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    new pics

    check out the new pic of my RRBBO. better late than never, eh?
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    RRBBO - Katrina

    almost done! finally! should be totally done this week. ill keep ya updated.
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    1 hour 20 minutes left.
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    right now, the guy who does the cycling show crank my chain is live at a bike fair in portland. click this link then click on the cam, to join the chat. there will be music, bikes, competition, interviews, etc. seriously check it out. it should...
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    its way way way way gone. basically it looks like it sat in a lake for 50 years. everything was rusted shut and wouldn't open. the case of beer in the trunk was in the front seat, if that tells you anything. i was late to the show so i didnt get pics but im going this week. i think they...
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    this is in my hometown. 50 years ago they buried a 57 plymouth. they're showing it today as they dug it up a few days ago. (ive seen pics before the public has and it didnt fare too well, 2 feet of water in the capsule) we're going this weekend and ill TRY and get some pics.
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    two more for ya's

    man, that boardtracker is sweet. im def making a fixie like that. great job.
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    Trucks. Big Trucks. Really Big Trucks

    run em on veggie oil!
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    Late sixty's Western Flyer Tandem

    DONT CHOP IT ITS AWESOME!!! ive been looking for a vintage tandem for ages now :(. please dont chop it.
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    E-Z Rider Transforms into Night Rider

    they sell fun fur at walmart. just that and some glue. or you could just draw them on with bike grease! when i was a youngin i wanted sideburns so bad i just kept shaving my face there. now they're so thick and really just a hassle. the only hair i really grow in my face haha.