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    What have you been riding lately?

    Today: Boogie with Stu.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Winter here in Brisbane now - temps have plummeted to 21c/70f. :cool: Just right for what I built this bike for - a 'Jungle' run with the dawg.
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    Very nice. Here's my fully kitted STR 29-er in Brisbane..
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    Swamp dog

    Fitted some Fatty Fenders from Classic-Cycle today.
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    Lets see some 24" lovin

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    black bikes?

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    Swamp dog

    Days getting shorter here in Brisbane so I fabricated a new light for the Fatty. It's a 6" work light for a 4x4 with a rechargeable 12V battery pack behind the race plate. Works real well for short range jungle running illumination. Suits the style of the bike pretty well too. The too-long...
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    Swamp dog

    Not really a swamp - more of a storm water retention area near the park - but the dog loves a romp in the rain and we're having a wet autumn in Brisbane. So i 'winterised' the fat bike - not that it actually gets very cold here either - but the slicks and apes came off and the off-road shoes...
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    Electra Bicycle Pics

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    29er cruiser tires?

    I had a pair that fell apart. Literally - the beads crumbled and started to disintegrate. Maybe it was the baking hot temperatures my garage can attain.
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    New apes on Str8

    Wheel covers arrived.
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    29er cruiser tires?

    I have a set of 29x2.25 Thick Slicks and a pair of 29x2.5 Schwalbe Big Apples for my BMX Cruiser. Much prefer running the Big Apples. Really nice rubber.
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    Sigh ... waiting for parts to arrive.

    72 days: "Awaiting clearance inbound - Sydney". Progress at last.
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    Top 5 dream motorbikes

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    Top 5 dream motorbikes

    BMW HP2 Megamoto 2020 Road King with stage 2. Triumph Scrambler XE 1200 Rune BMW R1600 GT