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    Swamp dog

    Not really a swamp - more of a storm water retention area near the park - but the dog loves a romp in the rain and we're having a wet autumn in Brisbane. So i 'winterised' the fat bike - not that it actually gets very cold here either - but the slicks and apes came off and the off-road shoes...
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    Electra Bicycle Pics

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    29er cruiser tires?

    I had a pair that fell apart. Literally - the beads crumbled and started to disintegrate. Maybe it was the baking hot temperatures my garage can attain.
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    New apes on Str8

    Wheel covers arrived.
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    29er cruiser tires?

    I have a set of 29x2.25 Thick Slicks and a pair of 29x2.5 Schwalbe Big Apples for my BMX Cruiser. Much prefer running the Big Apples. Really nice rubber.
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    Sigh ... waiting for parts to arrive.

    72 days: "Awaiting clearance inbound - Sydney". Progress at last.
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    Top 5 dream motorbikes

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    Top 5 dream motorbikes

    BMW HP2 Megamoto 2020 Road King with stage 2. Triumph Scrambler XE 1200 Rune BMW R1600 GT
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    Suspension seatpost ?

    I quite like them on my hardtail. You can add pre-load for big guys - just unscrew the bottom cap and add more spacers. Or even a heavier spring maybe.
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    Why I like 2 sets of brakes ...

    on my bikes. Just now:
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    What have you been riding lately?

    I've been on all four of mine in the last 24hrs. Still hot and humid here in Brisbane. Late afternoon and evening rides are best.
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    New apes on Str8

    Out for a run with the dawg this afternoon.
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    New apes on Str8

    Now with twin headlights:
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    Sigh ... waiting for parts to arrive.

    Yeah - I have boxes full of junk parts too. But customising parts are no so easily sourced. I'm up to 40 days in transit now. I spoke to classic cycle. There are no flights from Germany to Australia so they were flown to Dubai and have to make the rest of the way by sea. Such is the way of the...
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    Painted my Chrome bars

    And it worked just fine. Couldn't find decent apes in black locally so I bought a chrome set. Gave them a good sanding with 160grit sanding pads/scourers till they came up like brushed steel finish, hit them with 2 coats of grey Etch Primer and 2 coats of Rattle can gloss black with a light sand...