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    1950 Columbia, the Big Nuts Bike

    With a seat like you sing soprano in the choir??
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    ☣☢ VerBoten ☠ϟ - Elgin Twin Evanaction Build FINISHED - 1st Place!! THANKS!!!

    Hey Kingfish, I've been on the road so I'm a little behind, but Verboten looks fantastic. Knowing that pictures rarely do justice to actual, I can only imagine how truly impressive it actually is. Question many pictures did you take that didn't make the cut for posting???
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    (BOTEN) "OUTLAW" ...Withdrawn from the build-off...

    Luke, you might keep in mind the throttle cables for motorcycles with twin carbs.
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    (WBO 2015) CAT Bike (COMPLETED!)

    Hope you can find a place to photograph your entry movin' some earth like a CAT should.
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    WBO-Fully Sprung Elgin- **Tested/Finished**

    Only having your photos to go by...could you put spacer/spacers on the stem under the bottom bearing? It looks like that would bring everything into alignment (though it would cause a gap below). Really like what you doing.
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    (WBO) SGT. ROCK finished (for now)

    Is that red frame a Typhoon? It looks alot like my old paper-route bike from 52 years ago. Still like the looks of it.
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    (WBO) Super - Sonic......1957 Chevy parts....finished, finished,, FINISHED!!!

    That chain guard is very close to the shape and look of the rear fenders of a '56 Mercury. Especially cool look to that.
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    Frisco Flip (formerly Trike Trimmings)

    I can only say it this big....WOW!!!
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    █★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Tied for 7th Place

    I started to, but knew that just wouldn't do. Johnny Reb must be proud.
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    █★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Tied for 7th Place

    It looked great when I saw it last month. From the pictures, I'd say you have progressed even farther toward a "Savannah Doodad Dandy". Stick a feather in it. Looks to me like we are all going to need more votes.
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    Glendular Fever

    Darth Vader called....he wants his bike back!! How's your neck feeling?
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    TRAMP STAMP (7/30) 6 years,6 bikes,6 pics!!!

    I gotta ask...did the display blanket give you the color pallet for the bike or vice-versa. Either way, the colors and simplicity of the pinstriping are tops. Really like this one.
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    DRAG KING ___Raceliner Dragster___

    page 25 -- post 491.
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    DRAG KING ___Raceliner Dragster___

    This may be too late, but you should take a clue from the drag car pictured several pages ago for your headlight color.
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    █★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Tied for 7th Place

    I finally made it home and wanted to thank you again for the cruise, info and history lesson. Savannah is a terrific place to ride and I'm really glad we were able to hook up. I see you got your 'horny' cabled up. I like the way the horn seems to 'nod' as it is activated. I know it has been said...