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    Everything's looking good so far. I like the idea of using blue highlights to emphasize the E-bike theme. Keep it up!
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    Blue is a very "energy-efficient" color. Seen it used on a bunch of hybrids and other electronic devices.
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    WANTED: Battery tray for a 1962 AMF-built Western Flyer Sonic Flyer

    Meant to update this a while back. Got the pedals, but I still need to find the correct battery tray/headlight piece to make this bike fully functional again.
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    I saw this on The C.A.B.E. earlier this week. People over there were NOT crazy about it. And I'll admit, there's a lot of "wrong" going on here, at least in my opinion, but there's a ton of actual cool ideas worth pulling from this bike. It kind of makes me want to sketch up some concepts of the...
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    Hawthorne Javelin Wall Art Bike

    It looks great! Yeah, it sucks that it's not a rider, but at least it'll be sitting pretty in that restaurant.
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    Anyone going to the bicycle swap meet in Springfield, Missouri on May 15th?

    I'm thinking about going and selling/trading what bike stuff I have that I don't want/need, but is anyone else from Rat Rod Bikes going too?
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    Free Old Bicycle in Longview, Texas

    Link to the ad Looks like it'd make for a fun little project. Probably needs nothing more than a set of wheels.
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    The Smoke

    Would modifying the frame in that way move you to Class 2 though, or is that minor enough to get away with it? I guess that makes sense. I was just hoping to see all those bikes you worked on in the voting thread. Thanks dude! I Glad to see you working on yet another cool bike. :)
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    The Smoke

    If the fork's steerer tube is too short, would it be possible to slice and splice another steerer tube to the fork so you won't have to modify the frame, or does the fork material not allow for that? Looking forward to yet another one of your crazy builds! That's a killer starting point you've...
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    PROJECT QUICK CHANGE - SUBJECT: Schwinn Dixie (Custom 1950s Schwinn DX Bare Metal Bike)

    I think I've figured out the general direction I want to take this bike. I just need to figure out the exact direction I want to go now. I kept coming back to my first idea for how I was going to put this bike together, and just how clean it looked. Problem is that right now, I can't make the...
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    Project "Firebolt"

    I genuinely believe you're about to make this frame look even better than it ever was. The proportions on your render look spot on, and it makes the original frame just look short and fat by comparison. I think you're on the right track! Keep it up!
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    Ok, cool. Care to share which videos you watched?
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    You've got a great starting point there! Those old Columbia's are always cool. Good luck on your first Build Off!
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    Looking good so far! You wouldn't happen to have a thread on how to do oxalic acid baths, would you? I've been meaning to try it myself, but I want to make sure I know what to do before I start.