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    1940-41 Dayton Tanker???????

    Man I wish I had that tank for my dayton
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    46 Western Flyer Road King (Dayton)

    Wouldn't quite call it a build, just a bar and seat swap Cause ya know, everything needs apes Brooks saddle and some amf apes the rest is all og as I got it Other than well... Still has a royal chain co tire on the front
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    Not new but back

    Work mostly got caught up in some car builds that tied up a lot of my time
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    Electra and S&S

    Awesome I love the moto I got a blue one when they came out and love it
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    Columbia trike local pickup $120

    1970something Columbia breakaway trike Asking 120 local pickup in Conway or Little Rock Arkansas
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    Not new but back

    been gone for a good while, never stopped building but not on the interwebs for a while, glad to be back!
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    Whitewall balloons vs. Mtb tires

    Im extremely fond of CST tires 'jack rabbit' its an all terrain/mountain tire, BUT it has a ridge completely around the center allowing it to roll relatively fast, i picked them because where i ride alot, i have alot of pavement on the way to the trail and i dont want to fight the tire on the...
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    SOLD ~☆Greyghost ☆~ Edited with disclaimers

    Haha by 'had it' I meant the price lol :21::(
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    SOLD ~☆Greyghost ☆~ Edited with disclaimers

    Man if i only had it, that is literally on my top 3 dream bikes list
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    Interesting New 2015 Electra Moto-Klunker

    My 2016 Moto 1, I bought new minor upgrades, love the thing but the aluminum didnt shed much weight for it. Great bike though, and i love how it looks, matte blue is pretty sinister too
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    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

    trail riding/mountain biking with apes :cool: a few months ago at least not muddy like that now
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    Huffman Gallery

    Green 47 build Muddy trail bombing on my favorite 47 i got from KJV 6 years ago, hooked on them now Updated green 47 shot 1939 Dayton Airflyte im about to build
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    Huffman Gallery

    I have a lot of pictures of my Dayton, and other Dayton on my Instagram page under road.warrior.7 need to get around to post some update pictures.