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    Build is going good worked on 3 speed hub yesterday cleaned it up got new grease on the bearings . I don't have a lot of experience with three speed or drum brake hubs but think it turned out ok . Have to go and get some SAE20 oil and it should be good to go will post some more pics soon ...
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    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby : OJ , Roving reporter..Pg 18!

    Had a 53 Pontiac in that Chevy Green colour when I was a kid like this build . It had black Primer under the paint and almost no rust
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    Norco BushPilot

    The Norco was sold by Bike shops not box stores entry level but not junk .
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    Its a Sunshine built by Massey Harris in Canada Will try and get a picture of a real teens Massey Harris I think a friend of mine has one Just playing it by ear for now will have front and rear drum brakes with 3 speed hub . Going with Moto bars as that's what I have . Also will have nice...
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    Like using the plastic metal easy to use dries fast and sands to a silver colour .
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    Time to start documenting Going to roughly keep track of my time not including picture taking and posting 1 hour teardown. sorry no pictures Had a stuck crank and broken stem took the propane torch to the crank it came off but bearings were toast . Had to wrestle with the stem but it came out...
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    CCM King Cobra

    Looks like a Charger fork but must be a repaint Red or Black are Charger colours Hope there's room for the fat tire in the rear . Thats what I always disliked on them that skinny rear tire . Friend of mine has one with a sulky slick. The black ones had 2 speed Sachs torpedo hubs
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    Rad Rot Bikes

    X-53 all the way I would go crazy just painting that thing so much tin on it beautiful . Wish I had your problems deciding all three are very nice .
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    My custom Felt Evel Knievel build

    You need a shot of that thing jumping something
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    Budnitz Alpha

    Can you do anything with the front cog? It Seems odd that if the wheel is centred in the chain stays that it would be that far off. I switched out the cog on my 8speed because of the plastic chunk on the cog that prevented me from flipping it . There was some concern by my friend at the bike...
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    CCM King Cobra

    I had Three of these
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    Don't know the exact history but Bike is 1950 according to date on rear SA hub CCM has been around longer than that and there are lots of really old Masse Harris bikes out there . That poster is from way back bike has the ribbon Head badge could be in the teens . This one 's just an old Sunshine
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    CCM King Cobra

    Black bike reminds me of a CCM Charger
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    ⭐ ShowBoatin' ™ ⭐ - Color Me Bad

    Love that gold paint can't buy it here .
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    Sunshine Harvester Australia and Massey Harris Canada . Farm Machinery builders . Canadian made .