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    1985 diamondback viper survivor

    my bad too many bikes at once i guess. 8)
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    1985 diamondback viper survivor

    Re: 1985 schwinn viper survivor F5C 89180 but the c is backwards. its a tiawanese made bike i cant believe my luck that it still had the original pad set.
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    1985 diamondback viper survivor

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    Bunch of BMX stuff

    let me know whats gonna happen to the columbia and the viper. i always buy myself a used bmx every christmas and i really got my eye on that columbia!?
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    Never seen one like this...

    sweet, i love that twin top tube.
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    Huffy Thunder Road pic! Anyone else have one of these?

    got the exact same bike as a b-day present in 80. man i loved that bike.
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    Found- early 80's mongoose BMX

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    Got another stingray!

    was that in cincy?
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    Summer Rat Ride 8-23-08 (TOMORROW!)

    Re: Summer Rat Ride 8-23-08 is that the trail they are talking about connecting to the 75 mile trail that goes to springfield?
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    24" BMX'r

    i like that . nice score for a really great price!!! 8) :mrgreen:
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    New Project

    i was thinking maroon and yellow? 8)
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    Re: 1986 MONGOOSE F1 FREESTYLE BMX bleach.
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    Schwinn Finds!

    been rubbin 4 2 days with steel wool,but i ran out. but hears what i got so far.
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    hey BMX GUYS

    nice lester mags.
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    Schwinn Finds!

    im cleaning the predator up today! I cant wait for the blinding glare! ty GTcoma... :D