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    Lay back post 25.4mm for my Felt canvas and Monster cruiser.

    What do laid back seat posts do for pedaling effort? I'm thinking it would be nice to put a little more space between my knees and the handlebars, but I do a lot of riding on gravel roads with hills...
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    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    Yeah, I hate to admit it, but the color had a big influence on my purchasing decision. :bigsmile: The bummer is the factory paint scuffs and scrapes off real easy. Not sure if I want to repaint it in the future or just let it patina.
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    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    Maybe not much of a build and probably not finished, but I thought I'd give this thread a bump. Like most I ditched the tinfoil fenders and ugly chain guard. Added screws to the pedals for grip. Put a plastic boot from a broken center stand on the stock kickstand. Made a couple reflector...
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    I rediscovered cycling during the lockdown

    Then I found the show me your Cranbrook thread, and thought this looked like a cool place.