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    Who has a pretty/girly/flowery/innocent/kidlike banana seat for sale?

    i have this one came off a huffy butterfly bike seat sissiy bar an seat post $50.00 shipped no rips or tears little ware on side were sissy bar rides
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    Huffy thunder fenders

    i think i have a pair of white ones i will dig them out an snap a pic if your still looking
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    up grades

    i have hade this 1st gen walmart black friday krate since birth imn my shed so i done few up grades drilled for head badge put new bearing cups top and crank s7 front wheel with westwind tire new decals top tube new chain guard decals also changed seat post clamp im going to change crank also an...
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    $25.00 each shipped us only black schwinn cushion grips, black schwinn middle weight .white schwinn middle weight blue schwinn middle weight ,green schwinn stingray white old school bmx ( GREEN GRIPS SOLD) PENDING PAYMENT
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    huffy muscle bike chain guard FOUND

    noprob. just trying to help a member out
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    huffy muscle bike chain guard FOUND

    i have this one $30 shipped in US ONLY if interested
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    old marble reflctor

    very old red marble reflector $35 shipped US ONLY SOLD
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    seat covers

    i have 2 seat covers that i was going to redo a couple seats with a few years ago but sold the bikes i have a checker board black&white nice cover but has some red spots on it not sure what from $25+5 shipping in us only the other is a tiger pattern and this is a very nice cover nothing at all...
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    all my bikes

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    64 ladys

    wifes 64 Americain Deluxe
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    my 64

    64 American Deluxe
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    banana seat

    yes it is very nice seat i can do paypal if interested
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    huffy tank

    heres a huffy tank light for sale all there but lens for lite un tested be good for rat rod build $50 shipped (IN US ONLY)
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    banana seat

    got a nice black troxel banana seat for sale its 15 1/2 in long good for a project no rips or tears $55 shipped (IN US ONLY) SEAT SOLD
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    i done this one

    i done this one