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    BO15 Papa's ride

    Think I'm calling it done. Shot a little ride video it rides and shifts I just need to find a spot to get finished thread pics.
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    I've never seen handle bars like that before very cool
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    BO15 Barracuda

    I thought you named it barracuda because it was long n sleak.
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    BO15 Radarlux Space-Cadet

    Or duck dodgers in the 24th and a 1/2 century
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    BO15 High Plains Drifter (Purple & Chrome)

    Taking the masking paper off is like unwrapping presents.
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    BO15 Radarlux Space-Cadet

    The letting in radarlux space cadet is very cool :cool:
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    BO15 Cyrus the Virus

    Cable guides look good.
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    BO15 First Ever Build Off with a Postwar Hawthorne

    Nice job on the repairs can't tell where they even replaced the seat pole (except for the bare metal.
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    BO15 Papa's ride

    Finished paint on the tank halves and installed on the bike. Came up with a different seat post to keep the curves going. Needed a brake clamp so I made one out of copper Had to repaint the handle bars from messing with the light. Just need to clean up the spokes do a couple touch ups and...
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    BO15 Papa's ride

    Decided to build a different tank like on papas taxi so it will hold itself in place with post with screws. Reason being for the change is I tried to glue three pieces of plywood together with spray glue and I guess I didn't clamp it well enough and started to come apart. Made a cardboard...
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    BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (TRIKE-TOR...Sport)

    Looking awesome I too thought it would look a little bigger but maybe just because I was thinking the hood was bigger