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    What about mtb tandems?

    Here's my Santana Vision, purchased used in rough condition and had it powder coated:
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    Got Mud?

    Great photos, looks like a blast!
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    Vintage parts

    Hmm, I may have underestimated the brakes, they do seem to have decent value. I have a set of these levers on an old Trek and thought I'd replace them with some Tektros, maybe they'll pay for a set of TRPs instead :D
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    Free Hercules Landed

    Killer Herc Baron,looking very nice! I had a fully kitted out Hercules (fenders, chaincase, etc) as a kid, and it had an amazing repertoire of rattles and odd noises. I wonder how much more I would have liked it if I stripped it down like this...
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    road bike forums

    I don't know if it's the best, but Bikeforums is pretty good, and has an active classified section. You do have to purchase a membership ($12) to post a "for sale" thread.
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    Vintage parts

    The front freewheeling stuff is probably not too valuable, it was typically used on low end bikes. The DuraAce stuff has more value, but it's an early generation, and not quite as desirable as the later DuraAce components. Sorry that I can't offer actual estimates, I don't follow "collectible"...
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    Killer score tuga! The Cobra water bottle cage is probably worth $15...
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    Silly Folders

    Very cool finds! The Raleigh Twenties are getting really popular again, you might be able to get a few hundred for one in nice shape like that.
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    FreakBike Nation Forum

    The layout of the splash page looks new to me, but I have the forum bookmarked and usually go there directly. The forum layout looks the same.
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    FreakBike Nation Forum

    And not a second too late - Junkman just uploaded some photos from last Saturday's Hollywood beach ride. We picked up a photogenic new recruit along the way. Thanks for sorting that out Chainsaw!
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    Sand Blaster

    I used a big cardboard box and some plastic sheeting to make a temporary blast cabinet for a frame, it was good enough for a one-time use but I still had plenty of sand in my ears. FYI - the gloves on my Harbor Freight blast cabinet melted after a few years, but the replacement gloves they sell...
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    Sand Blaster

    On top with the door open? You can do it, as long as you don't mind getting blasting medium in every orifice on your body. :D
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    76 Yamaha

    Very cool score! Would you describe the ride as "sproingy?"
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    3 Bike Question

    Pretty difficult to tell without seeing them. I don't think any are particularly valuable, but I've always had more luck reselling road bikes than balloon tire cruisers. The Huffy sounds the least interesting, and Vista can be a mixed bag (they made a few nice road bikes, but that doesn't sound...
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    My 1989 Specialized Rockhopper City Bike

    I know where at least one of them went :D Mine is a 1990 with really wrecked paint, and I was using it as a commuter until recently. It will be going back to offroad duty soon. Outstanding work on your restoration RestoRodSchwinn!!