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    Strava Groups for old bikes?

    That's right. Sorry about the confusion. I had to change the name for some reason apparently only known to Strava Clunkin' Cruisin'
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    Where do yall get thos triple tree forks?

    You mean something like this?? @JaxRhapsody
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    39 BMX

    Bike looks outstanding!!!! :cool2: Big start hill. Looks like Oldsmar
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    Northern Sun

    Looks like an awesome base. Super clean as is
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    FRANKENSHELBY ! - a little newer that I first thought..

    Beat me to it ^ I was thinking red walls also or do both :D
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    Stranger Things

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    Retrospec Klunker

    Lol. Got plenty of extras there too
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    Retrospec Klunker

    Good to know. :thumbsup: I figured as much. I have an extra set of dj wheels and some landing gear I'd probably throw on it
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    LITTLE TOAD! RRBBO#14 Class 2. I'm out. :(

    Good luck with everything Luke!!!
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    Retrospec Klunker

    Depending on what you want and what your price point is I'm looking at pulling the trigger on one of these Framed Twenty6er But if you can swing it $$$$ Felt Rail
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    Retrospec Klunker

    The WTP is on my short list
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    Quick BMX

    Looks good. You're a good man! More kids on bikes!!! :rockout:
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    Murray Venture on CL

    I'd spend $50 on it