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    “Off the Rails”

    Love that one. First time I saw a regular rail with the painted fenders. Was always a fan of the painted fender Slingshots. Have only seen those in yellow. Could do something pretty interesting with a fade. Or maybe use a white stripe on a dark color? Look forward to seeing what you do...
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    “Off the Rails”

    Like the painted fender Huffys. Kind of like the muscle cars with painted bumpers.
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    A vote about extending the MBBO/BMXBO deadline

    Crash I think if you're taking over the moderation of the build off it's your call isn't it?
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    Lets see your winter bike.

    Circa 1982. After this pic I put a banana seat on and pulled the handlebars way back to transfer more weight to the back tire. Worked great in deep snow. Not so much on plowed roads or ice.
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    TRM Advertising

    Hilarious but amazing at the same time...:thumbsup:
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    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

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    Scribble's Yearly Round Up !

    Vintage perfection! You make the classic iron look just right. That Buzz Bike is super cool. Hadn't seen that one before.
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    DB Silver Streak

    Great looking bike!
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    Bikes with Hot Rods

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    Dragst-Her Too

    Looks like you're missing the barrel adjuster for the cable.
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    Dragst-Her Too

    Yeah cross bar works good. Did the same thing on my tricycle.
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    Dragst-Her Too

    From our convo... Hard to believe somebody has a worse memory than mine... :)...If you spaced both sides evenly it shouldn't be an issue tho.
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    Dragst-Her Too

    It's probably the spacer you added. You've changed the dish of your wheel by that same amount. I usually grind that hanger mount screw down flush. You don't want that much of a gap. The chain can actually rub a tiny bit as not too many people can crank a 12t gear on a muscle bike for very long...
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    Dragst-Her Too

    Nice job on the shift mech!......:41: