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    Redline Monocog

    No longer needed. I found a 26 monocog in immaculate condition and in the right frame size for my son.
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    Redline Monocog

    I like that 2014 ! What seat is on it ? I honestly don't know what year my 29er is. It should arrive on Monday according to fedex tracking, and we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow this weekend .:(
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    Redline Monocog

    I'll keep it in mind but I would like to get something that is complete or nearly so I don't turn it into another unfinished project.
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    Redline Monocog

    I'm looking for a Redline Monocog 26 or 29 inch wheel. I bought a 29 inch version for myself off of eBay and now I'm looking for one for my son. There's one listed on the local (St.Louis )craigslist but the guy has been trying for months to trade it for a bmx cruiser and just won't sell. Anyway...
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    Bomber 40 - redux

    Very cool ! Where can I get a fork like that ?
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    Help with Tire Choices.............. Klunker Style

    I just received my CST Rock hawk 26 x 2.4 tires for my klunker build. I mounted them on worksman wheels to be used on my heavy duti frame from Chuck. In my research I found that CST owns maxxis tire and they're just a budget version of good quality.
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    Rustyriders of Houston,Tx

    I like that bike with the moon wheel covers.
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    Fat KOS Kruiser

    Now you have me eyeballing my Dolomite and seeing the potential to be so much cooler. I have a frame and wheels coming from Chuck for a clunker build and then I may steal some of your ideas to improve the Dolo.
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    Bullet Express

    That thing is awesome!!
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    Super Sonic rat rod! Now parting out !! Take $10.00 off of marked prices!

    Super cool bike ! Could you tell me what bike the chain guard came from ? I found a bike recently that has that same guard and I don't know what it is.
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    Slick daddy build

    Glad to hear that the bike and your buddies have survived the catastrophic weather. Thoughts and prayers out to anyone affected by this storm.
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    Murray dirty cat in Arkansas

    Too far away or I'd get that for my son.
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    New Guy From Missouri

    Hello, I'm from SE Missouri and found the site while trying to find info on a couple of cruisers that I bought for me and my wife to putt around on. They are nothing special, just a 60s jc higgins women single speed and a jc penney single speed mens from the 70's for me. I hope to turn them into...