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    We bought a 100+ year old stone cottage!

    Awesome great news!
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Muscle bike build off bike on nice day a week or so ago.
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    Huffy Rail Mini Velo

    Very cool!!!
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    ‘65 Stingray Nominal Basic

    Really cool black wheels look great.
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    Bck in Blck

    Looks great
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    dumpster shot finished

    Thanks for tip about picture.
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    dumpster shot finished

    Right no welding. drilled two small holes for sping mount on fork and cut down cranbrook front fender to make back fender.
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    dumpster shot finished

    Made them painted with apple barrel paint from Walmart and cheap small brush from Dollar tree.
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    dumpster shot finished

    Here it is
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    Gonna put in finished thread.
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    Had to rush finish today after work going out of town won't be back till after dead line.put on grips, homemade smoldering stack not good enough to be flaming and custom lettered it.
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    Merry Christmas oddjob
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    Going back together after paint.looks better in person Camara on my phones not that great.