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    Philadelphia Holiday Lights Ride

    The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia is offering what they call a virtual Holiday Lights Ride this year, due to Covid 19 restrictions.
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    Very Versatile Bicycle Lights

    Do you think that , with the original strap , it could be tightly mounted on the coaster brake hub ? I like the idea of having a spinning tail light.
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    Remember when . . .

    Remember when.........before technology took over..........motor vehicle operators watched where the vehicle was going ?
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    Wear a helmet. Seriously.

    I wear helmet too. I have the usual Bell, Nutcase , Schwin , etc. Thought that I was well protected. Then I learned of Mips technology.
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    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    I have not had that problem . I am thinking possibility of getting oils from your hands on the structural bar. I would try cleaning the bar and inside of clamp. If that fails, I would lightly sandpaper the inside of the plastic tube.
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    Shipping a Bike across the US
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    Painting Rims?

    Then get plastic soda straws and make a cut on one side, lengthwise . Use them to cover the spokes . Cover the spoke nipple and end of straw with masking tape.
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    Faux retro pedals

    Usually the threads on the ends of the bolts are peened after the nuts are installed. Were you able to remove the nuts without ruining the threads ? Then , after reassembly , how did you keep the nuts from coming off?
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    Krylon Glitter Blast or Dupli-color Metal Specks?

    I sprayed a Flightliner rack with Krylon Glitter Blast - Lucky Green . Flake is dense , Micro- Spec . ie; tiny .
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    this morning pick on the back of farm truck2

    Pickin is good where you are.
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    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    This one comes to mind, but I can't get a picture to confirm it.
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    Three-In-One Oil History

    Created 1894 by George W. Cole " for the care and maintenance of a bicycle " . . Some of the vintage green glass bottles , with cork , can be seen on ebay .
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    Bleu Cheese

    Blue laces ! I saw that .
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    60s ? mens murray cruiser

    The Murray Astro-Flite had that rack with the puck shape tail light.
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    Raleigh English Racer

    Cool add to the fleet. Back in the 50s' I rode one too. We called them English Racers. Today would be Distinguished Gentleman's Ride . Doubt that you would find any Tweed Rides in the New Abnormal ! If there is a date stamped on the rear hub shell, it could also date the bike.