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    New Member from N. Alabama

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    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    When I saw that first pic I thought for a moment those black marks on the upper seat stay were holes. :oops: Guess I better lay off the Champipple. :crazy:
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    Is this an AMF Roadmaster Sky King Bicycle Frame?

    AMF or Cleveland Welding Company. (AMF bought them out 1950) This site isn't strictly speaking about "restoration", but it could easily be rebuilt with common parts. Browse the forums to get a handle on what we do here. If you aren't into old bikes, you could likely get some cash for it in the...
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    Free 4 pack of 20 inch tubes

    456, 567
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    Free 4 pack of 20 inch tubes

    123, 234, 345. If I guessed it, send them to Rat Rod.
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    *****Let's see your BASMAN cruisers*****

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    Mash-up of late 70s Good Vibrations coaster and 80s ten speed Huffy, but I don't recall the model name.
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    What is it?

    The style of fork crown looks it, and 3-pc crank and lugged frame "American cruiser" style bike usually are. Not 100% certain, but it looks the part.
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    What is it?

    Whether or not it's worth it is probably going to depend on the crank. There are some people on here with German bikes that may be able to help you out. It may be helpful if you can finish taking it apart, watch out for loose ball bearings. Even just a picture of the other side could be useful...
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    Looks like a typical universal handle bar basket, I don't have a clue about that center mount though.
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    1948 Columbia

    Fitchtel and Sachs hub. :cool2: Better roller than the New Departure that it started life with, assuming it's in good shape.
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    Bell..Formerly The most 'corrupt little city in the USA'...

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    New project: Gossamer the Bike!

    I didn't see it in time. :crazy:
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    Back at it

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    Greetings from Norway

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