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    Hello from Fort Bragg California

    Welcome aboard! :forum::cool2:
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    Just a switch? Cut yourself a rubber ribbon from an old inner tube and wrap it around the bar. If you accidently whack it, it ill usually let the switch move instead of damaging it.
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    Shifter cable & brake cable ferrules questions

    Index shifters need modern linier core housing, brakes and old friction shifters usually work fine with the common cheap spiral core. I tend to clip them with heavy duty wire dykes and open the holes with an ice pick, but an angle grinder definitely works better. As for housing ferrules...
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    Reverse Articulating Trike

    Falls Church VA
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    Flora, fauna

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    Reverse Articulating Trike

    If you ever come up this way again let me know so I can unload a pile of old frames wheels various parts perhaps some dirt cheap or free whole bikes on you. :crazy: :rofl:
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    Caliper Brake Mounting (there's a lesson here)

    Did the same on my old 26" Good Vibrations10 spd. conversion. Had no doubt it would work, after all the front wheel always goes past the brake that way.
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    Old Soviet Motorcycle Restoration

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    Has anyone here ridden a mini velo?

    I'm guessing bumps would be bumpier. :comando:
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    Custom cable housing

    What's wrong with black? Dadgum hippies.
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    Edwards and Crist Cadillac

    Looks like something off a tiller or a plow. :crazy:
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    Anyone else like to use “odd” bikes to cover distance?

    Just a little bit odd.
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    174mph Record

    I can barely break the speed limit in a school zone.:crazy:
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    Oxalic acid

    You just need to switch to green bikes. :P
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    New from the Pacific Northwest

    Welcome aboard. :cool2: