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    '58 Schwinn Corvette

    Yes, thats kinda why i like it
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    '58 Schwinn Corvette

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    Before & After Pics

    J.C. Higgins , Before After
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    JC Higgins

    Can anyone decode these numbers, as far as I can make out is it's murray built, but don't know year.Thanks
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    JC Higgins

    My first tank bike sooo happy to get this, now to try to get the black paint off without hurting the red under.
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    Such a Lucky "Little B@$+@rd

    Thanks, didn't know if the center of the wheel was large enuf.
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    Such a Lucky "Little B@$+@rd

    Like your bike with the Skyway wheels, is it possible to put an 3 or 8 speed hub on rear wheel ?
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    THE FINAL 13

    Good job, Great photos everyone!
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    Who here is over 50?

    55, Think I need some gears on my Monark!
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    It's mostly a monark!
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    Haulers, what do you haul your bike in?

    This doesn't work bad.
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Like the fork they are hard to come by.
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    Oh My! How Could Somebody Do This?!?!

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    Dana 3 speed on my Monark Rocket

    I Totally agree